Would you also like to show which club or country you support? Then we have at seat4you2 the Office Chair for you!

Seat4you2 allows you to create a Office Chair that can be ordered in the club colours of your team or country! Ideal as a gift for the real foot-or basketball fan. This is also a possibility for other club sports. Also you can order a Office Chair with your own colors. With an Office Chair from seat4you2 you will have a comfortable and easy sit. So that you can enjoy and focus with great pleasure the games of your favorite team.

You can of course also clearly indicate in your workplace which club you are fan of.

Would you like to encourage a national team? Or are you a fan of a foreign team? Also seat4you2 has the perfect Office Chair for you. The seat and back of the chair are adjustable . Our chairs are customized made. Also suitable for children. Lifetime pleasure of your Office Chair.

Seat4you2 is a dynamic and innovative company. We are always working to develop new products. Our products are slightly different from the standard products on the market today.

With our high quality material you are sure to have purched a great and joyfull pruduct. Of course, you can contact one of our staff for any information Phone: (31) 238444736

2 Year warranty